You may remember a couple of projects mentioned in a recent post and in our last bulletin. Some friends of the nuns have helped to reconstruct the ponds in our acreage. This has been going on for some time and we’re happy to report the work is complete! God provided some good rain to fill the pond over half way, and it is looking really nice. And just the other day the foundation for the dock was poured and it’s now set in place. Our well has been drilled in another area of the acreage, so God continues to provide natural water for future use.

Enjoy the pictures and videos.

Pond reconstruction … finished!
IMG 2758 min

Great guys (above, right) who poured the dock foundation and magically lowered the dock into the pipes.

IMG 2761 min
Well Drilling

The other project is the water source found on our property which is soon to be a well. We have some pictures and videos to show you how they drill for water. It was exciting to watch–not knowing, but hoping they would hit water under that hard, rocky ground.

Mr. Ray Luyet was the one who dowsed for water on our property and found it for us with his two small sticks. See how it works: dowsing. He said he’s been doing this since he was twelve and hasn’t missed one yet!

We’re so grateful to our friends who did so much work out of the kindness of their hearts.

Now …

… hit “play” (You gotta have this for the full effect)!

IMG 2418 min

A levitating truck?? That’s amazing! :

IMG 2499 min
IMG 2487 min

Ray Luyet, the “dowser” who discovered the water source.

IMG 2488 min

Mrs. Luyet (sitting on left) came with her husband to see the discovery.

IMG 2472 min

Our neighbor Tame was as thrilled as we were.

The banging noise is the drill hitting rock and drilling through it!

Yipee! They found it! and “BRAVO!”

Thanks, Lord!

Great guys. Good job!

IMG 2469 min

Music Credit: “Dig A Little Deeper In The Well” by the Oakridge Boys

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